Ina & Peter : Från Hollywood till Strömstad skärgård

Ina & Peter : Från Hollywood till Strömstad skärgård
18 jul

Ett måndagsbröllop i ett somrigt Strömstad skärgård. Ina & Peter fick sin drömdag i norra Bohuslän. Till vardags jobbar de med film i Los Angeles. De producerar, filmar, regisserar, skådespelar, mm...

Ina kommer från Sverige (och Norge) och Peter från USA. De träffades under en filmfestival i Los Angeles. Idag jobbar de tillsammans inom filmens värld. De har gjort prisbelönta kortfilmer och jobbar nu med et mastodontprojekt. Deras första långfilm. Det blir spännande att följa. För ovanlighetens skull är det inte brudparets berättelse jag lägger ut, utan en av gästernas, Nick Vitale. Han är Peters gymnasiekompis från Wisconsin som älskar att skriva. Och han har ett skönt sätt att skriva på . Om du frågar mig :-) Mycket nöje!



Gästen Nick´s berättelse från bröllopet (Nick´s wedding story)

"I’m not gonna lie, weddings typically bore the shit out of me. The moment the invitation comes in the mail my mind races for an excuse not to go. I dread the thought of being caught in some tiny stiff church pew, staring at the tawdry JC Penney decorations, suffering through contrived, sanctimonious speeches which could have been written by an algorithm that studied three decades of romantic comedies. All in the service of a union that has a 50% chance of failure? No thanks, bro.
But this one was different. I could tell that from the start; could have sensed it even if I hadn’t known the participants involved. This was a destination wedding, but “destination” doesn’t really do it justice. This was an experience, an adventure. Coming across the sea, driving down to the idyllic yet unassuming coastal town of Stromstad, walking the cobblestone streets and feeling the ocean breeze waft into my nostrils, I felt transported to another world. It was a world free of the cynical anxieties of modern life, where all sorts of things were possible.
The group of 50 or so attendees was just large enough to feel like a proper crowd, yet small enough to feel like an intimate family. I met dozens of wonderful souls from all four corners of the globe. Naturally (because both Peter and Ina are artists) most people there were creative, intelligent, and life-loving spirits. We drank, laughed, and shared ideas and ambitions. I felt I was in the company of kindred spirits, something I rarely experience back home in Wisconsin.
But most of all I was struck by the sheer sincerity and the effortless chemistry on display in the form of the bride and groom. From the playful co-hosting of the buffet dinner to the touching, heartfelt speeches at the reception, it was beyond obvious that these two were right for each other. Their affection for one another burned as long and bright as the 20-hour Swedish summer days. My cynical heart never stood a chance.
After three magical days, I left Stromstad with a renewed sense of hope for the possibility of True Love. I knew Peter and Ina’s love was genuine and I hope they remain wildly optimistic about their future together. This union of souls has, at the very most, only a 25% chance of failure. 30 tops.”


Tusen tack Ina & Peter för att vi fick det stora förtroendet att föreviga er dag.


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